Win D Quarter Horses


    We believe that our broodmare herd is the very important in raising good colts. Mares don't only pass on genetics they also pass on attitude and disposition. A colt spend up to 6 months with his mother and if his mother is quiet and gentle then he will be quiet and gentle. It also works the other way. Not all of the horses that we raise will be kid horses but we believe that a number of our colts have a chance to become that gentle and take great pride in that. There is no greater satisfaction in being able to do anything that you want to from the back of a horse such as drag calves, rope bulls and cut out dry cows and then go home and turn him over to your child and know that he will take care of her. We believe that most of that ability comes from the broodmare. Below are all of our broodmares. Look and Enjoy.

Cali White Socks 1992 Dun Mare, AQHA #3129206, Caliche Juan x Poco Super Cake by Sugar Bob Bars

Lucky Poc 1993 Gray Mare, AQHA #3177182, Caliche Juan x Smokeys Majorett by Smokeys Bud

Caliches Miss Soxs 1995 Red Dun Mare,  AQHA # 3440661, Caliche Juan x Grays Golden Miss by Gold Fingers

Luckys Squeaky Heart 1997 Sorrel Mare, AQHA # 3589114, Luckys Ace Of Hearts x Ima Special Squeaky by Smooth Squeaky

MRC A Gray Wolf 1999 Gray Mare, AQHA # 3848332, Bar Five Lotsa Gray x Go Down Fleet by Yellow Coley

Miss Crystal Osage 2001 Gray Mare, AQHA # 4070323, Jackie Bee Melody x Luckys Leo Lady by Luckys Ace Of Hearts

Ima Squeaky Star 2001 Bay Mare, AQHA # 4155872, Luckys Ace Of Hearts x Ima Special Squeaky by Smooth Squeaky

Win D Champagne 2002 Gray Mare, AQHA # 4256979, Jackie Bee Melody x Luckys Glamour Girl by Caliche Juan

WD Tess Olena 2003 Gray Mare, AQHA # 4333071, Noble Fritz Olena x Caliches Miss Soxs by Caliche Juan

WD Caliche Babe (4333070) - 2003 Sorrel Mare, Caliche Juan x Kings Rulie Babe by Golly King Leo

WD Dry Cascade (4512307) - 2004 Sorrel Mare, Noble Fritz Olena x Golden Andree by Dry N Gold

WD Sugar Baby (4658165) - 2005 Red Dun Mare, Jackie Bee Melody x Cali White Socks by Caliche Juan

CJ Penny (4905975) - 2006 Gray Mare, Jackie Bee Melody x WD Tess Olena by Noble Fritz Olena















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