Registered Quarter Horses

    Here at Win D Quarter Horses we raise good ranch horses based on some of the best bloodlines in the nation. Our broodmare herd carries such notable ancestors such as Wimpy, Showdown, Blondies Dude, Boston Mac, Denny Bar, Three Bars, Kiowa Dusty, Smokey Duster Too, Dry Doc, Poco Bueno, Squeaky, Sugar Bars, Jackie Bee, Grey Badger, King, Skipper W, Two Eyed Jack, Goldfingers, Eddie, Peponita, Doc Bar, Jet Deck, Leo, Tonto Bars, Steel Bars, Six Chick, Go Man Go, MoorhouseYellowWolf & others. We believe that it takes a good mare to raise a good colt. We pride ourselves on the disposition and conformation of our horses. We also feel that the surroundings that a horse is raised in mean a lot in the making of a good horse. We don't pamper our horses. Our colts are born and raised in some of the roughest county in the Texas Panhandle. They are raised in canyons off of the Caprock and learn to negotiate to negotiate rough terrain, brush and live water from birth. These colts can go anywhere in the world because they know how to keep their feet under them. They are raised around wild hogs, deer, turkey and many other kinds of wildlife. It takes a special kind of horse to survive wild hogs busting through the brush all around them. The third component to our colts is the studs that we use. Through our studs we try to finish out the picture by adding even more cow and agility without sacrificing disposition. The studs that we use have the blood lines of Doc O'Lena, Gay Bar King, King Fritz, Jackie Bee, Watch Joe Jack, Grey Badger running through their veins. And starting this year we are breeding to a son of Playgun out of a daughter of Dry Doc. We believe that each of these three factors are equally important and thus with the environment that our colts are raised in our colts are a notch above other colts with the same bloodlines raised in more pampered surroundings. Take a look at what we have and see for yourself what a all around ranch horse should look like.


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