The ranch has many different species of wildlife. There are both Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer, Quail, Dove, Turkey, Feral Hogs, Coyotes, Bob Cats and even Mountain Lions. The biggest Mule Deer Buck to be harvested off of this ranch scored 178 7/8 Gross B&C Points and made the Top Ten Non-Typical in Region 2 of the Texas Big Game Awards. 180 plus Mule Deer have been spotted each and every year but none have been harvested to date. We have good Whitetails but none of the ones that have been harvested have been scored. There is a very tight Buck to Doe ratio (almost 1 to 1) in our Whitetail herd. We support 4 Turkey flocks and have 200 plus birds on the ranch. Our Quail numbers are on an increase with lots of Bob Whites but no Blues as yet. We have quite a few native Dove that stay on the ranch year around with some migrating through during Dove Season but not in huge numbers. We support a very large population of Feral Hogs and also have plenty of Coyotes and Bob Cats. Mountain Lions have occasionally been seen.

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Picture captured with my Game Camera November, 2008. This is the same deer that had the busted horn below in 2007.

Nice 8 point photographed November 29th of 2008

Video of One Horned Buck (2.05 MB - 55 Sec) This Whitetail Buck busted off one of his horns probably in a fight. It has been estimated that he will probably go around 165 next year

Video of Drop Tine Buck (3.21 MB - 1 Min, 15 Sec) Three nice bucks but the one Drop Tine Buck is by far the nicest.

2007 Whitetail (167 B&C)

These pictures of this Whitetail Buck were taken from 500+ yards on November 22, 2005.

These Pictures were taken from about 400 yards away with a telescopic lens. Pictures taken September 2005.

Rare Drop Tine Mule Deer Buck. Picture taken September 2005

Picture taken 12/30/2004.

Ross Echardt 2004 Mule Deer

Ross Eckhardt 2004 Mule Deer

Clifford Lockte 2003 Mule Deer 178 7/8 Gross B&C

David Lange 2003 Mule Deer

Mike Chapman 2000 Mule Deer 157 Gross B&C

Mike Chapman 2000 Whitetail

Winfield Davenport 2000 Mule Deer

Mule Deer Does

Turkey Skyline

Mule Deer Doe

Turkey Gobbler Strutting His Stuff

Feral Hogs

More Gobblers

Does coming up top















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